Killer at Large is a band made up of life long musicians and life long friends. Adam Horr (Bass) and Travis Barton (Drums) have been playing together for many years and off and on with Guitarist, Pete Williams. As they were now all together in one project, they were looking for a singer and approached Dave Nebbia back in late November to see if he was interested in joining such a dynamic and powerful line-up! Well... As you can say, the rest is history. The band has now been writing and writing and wood shedding these songs now for 9 months. KAL is a very heavy guitar driven melody making machine. The band rely's on soaring vocals and crisp defined harmonies, as well as a rhythm section that not only brings the thunder, but can anticipate each other's moves with precision. The band is now ready to start sharing with all you all and hopefully you enjoy the music as much as the band is creating it. We hope you enjoy the band and help us spread the word. We are trying to create music that Rock fans can appreciate. Thanks for listening!